WUXI JI SHUN AIR SEPARATE EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.Copper, aluminum, magnesium extruder and supplementary equipment and spatial minute equipment specialized production factory. Main product: Two-rod extruder, One-rod extruder, copper, aluminum stick heating furnace. Copper aluminum molding effectiveness for a period of time stove. Mold heating furnace, tractor, as well as copper aluminum extruder necessary product.
      Air separate equipment main product: Oxygen compressor, turbine inflation machine, spatial warm carburetor, low temperature liquor pump, each kind of oxygen compressor fitting.
      The our company and the domestic multitudinous well-known enterprise cooperation, west China company and so on electricity group, Xi'an heavy electric stove factory all selects this company equipment. Product exportation everywhere, has won a customer higher prestige. Our company technical force abundant, the production xperience is rich, some one batch has the research and development, the transformation to a body technical talented person, adapts to the market changeable competition.
      This company by "honest, the code of honor, asks, is really practical" the manner、Strictly the superior nature price compared to serves quality Guan Yigeng the customer, venerates the customer supreme idea.
Welcome general customers come the company to instruct the discussion service, altogether strives for the development. 
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